Goochain "watch-only" deterministic wallet service

Ledger Nano

With a hardware wallet, you can use Goochain service to get your wallet status directly from a bookmarked web page, without the need to physically access your device. Doing so, the hardware wallet can stay in a really safe place, because no connection and no communication with the device are required. Most of the PCs connected to Internet are not "trustable", so connect a hardware wallet could be hazardous. If you just need to watch your wallet status, visiting a Goochain web page is far more secured.

Principle of the service

Goochain provides the easiest way to watch your cold storage or hardware Bitcoin wallet. This service is compatible with any BIP32 wallet such as those sold by Ledger or Trezor.

Elliptic curve and cryptographic mathematics permit schemes where one can calculate the public keys without revealing the private keys. This permits for example to see the balance available, without giving the webserver access to the corresponding private keys (which are required for spending the received funds). This is true for single Bitcoin address, but also for "deterministic" wallets used by the vast majority of wallet providers.

Input your "xpub" public key and Goochain will derive public addresses of your wallet without knowing nor accessing your private keys. Since the input is a public key, Goochain has no way to generate transactions nor send any fund related to your wallet, this provides a "watch only" wallet. No more need of carrying your hardware device. You can watch wallet's addresses with their balances and transactions. Goochain lets you view your account balance even when your hardware wallet is out of reach. Then you can keep it in a safe place.

Thanks to our full and top-level end-to-end encryption, your xpub is not disclosed to third party. Remember that even "xpub" is a public key, it has to remain private to protect your anonymity, privacy and your full transactions history.

With a Trezor Wallet

In MyTrezor web site :
MyTrezor → Basic tab → Show XPUBs
Copy/Paste into Goochain search bar.

Proceed: MyTrezor

With a Ledger Nano Wallet

Import your public master key with our online tool. We built a specific web page dedicated to Ledger nano public key import, visit this page to start this service.

Proceed : Ledger Nano Import Tool

With an Android Mycelium Wallet

Using the Mycelium Android App :
In ACCOUNTS tab, select your account
Open the menu (top-right) and select Export
After agreeing the warning, copy/paste xpub into Goochain search bar.

Need more help or support?

- Post your issue on the dedicated bitcointalk topic
- Write to [email protected]
- OR Use twitter account @goochain