The Goochain service will be stopped on 31st August 2019. Please use which is now replacing Goochain.

For any support related to Citadelle product, please refer to initialization instructions or the Login user page.

Then, in case of persisting issue, you are invited to mail your query directly to [email protected] .

Goochain web service support page

You can search :

- From address “base58chk” or hash160 : gives basic info
- From starting characters (firstbits) of an address : find matching full addresses
- From HD Wallet extended public key (xpub BIP32) : lists all used addresses and provides wallet status
- From block hash or index : gives basic info
- From address and time frame : lists all matching transactions
- From address and a given amount : lists all matching transactions
- From block and a given amount : lists all matching transactions
- From a transaction ID : gives basic info
- From a given amount and a time frame (blank search) : lists all matching transactions of the blockchain

For all results, a link is provided to get full info.
“Given amount” can be equal or min/max. “time-frame” can be a time windows or a date (day).
Timeframe and amount range search can be used concurrently for a given address.
When the found items are transactions, a list is displayed and can be sorted by date or amount.

This is not a full info site, but a search engine for the blockchain. It gives links to external sites, then you can find all info on these sites. Info given are basic, but you have further info when following links. External service (links) is selectable, and automatically saved after each search.

See this slide presentation for a full tour of goochain capabilities

Use cases

- You want to quickly check the amount of an address
- Check the amount in your Trezor or Ledger wallet (from xpub code provided)
- You have a paper/cold wallet : just type the 6 starting characters of the public address
- You know by heart the beginning of a Bitcoin address (“vanity” generated)
- You can list all transactions made during a month with your address
- Search "spam" transactions of a given address (min=0, max=0.01)
- You just remember the day of a particular transaction with your address
- You want to filter transactions related to a service bought (by amount and/or date)
- Can help during dispute or investigation with searching a transaction of an known amount in the blockchain during a time-frame.

Known Limitations

- Print out only 4000 transactions in case too many results
- Print out only 100 addresses in case too many matching
- 24h searching range when data and amount through full blockchain
- Provides transaction by Sum of TxOUT

Known issues

- Some searches can be too long and it indefinitely prints out "Searching Please Wait"

Future improvements/capabilities

- Improve amount range and date input
- Search by address amount (on most valuable address)
- Print out block list when searching in a time frame
- Amount would be USD also

You need support? You have idea of improvements? You saw a major flaw?

- Post your issue on the dedicated bitcointalk topic
- or Write to [email protected]
- or Use twitter account @goochain