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- GooChain aims to be the google of the blockchain
Nov 11th 2014 - Bitscan (Daniel Mestre)
"has potential to allow people to really see the blockchain as a transparent and easy-to-read ledger. A search engine such as this could enable various other blockchain-related applications."

- The release of GooChain sees one of the first ever Blockchain search engines to materialize.
Nov 6th 2014 - CoinFinance (Aleppo Allesadero)
"The Goochain concept is applausable to say the least. It has plenty of potential as the use for a service of this nature is invaluable. It has the potential to make the life of users much easier."

- A new concept: Blockchain Search Engine
Nov 6th 2014 - CoinFinance (Edgar Fernandez)
"This seems to be a good development to anyone involved in the Bitcoin universe. These developments further aid the nerd or novice alike in going through the blockchain maze."

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