Login Use

On this page, we are describing the login process to use your Citadelle once it is initialized. This is the everyday use of the wallet. In case you haven't initialized it yet, you can do it on the dedicated web page.

To use your wallet, each time:

In case you enter a wrong PIN, you need to disconnect and reconnect the dongle.

You can now send fund to your Citadelle using the Receive menu, and send some Bitcoins to the addresses shown.

On Android device, you just need to plug your Citadelle dongle with the OTG adaptor. Then proceed with GreenBits app.

Loss of the dongle

In case you lose the dongle, or damage it. There's no issue once you have a paper backup of your wallet. About stealers, they need your PIN code to access the dongle. Then second factor is required to move your fund.


In case you lose your dongle, you need to find the paper backup containing 24 words passphrase. Enter your pass phrase in "mnemonic" field at the start of app. You can now move your fund on a new external bitcoin address (always with 2FA check)

Once you get a new Citadelle :

In case of any trouble, you can write an email to [email protected]