Goochain Citadelle the most affordable wallet.

Thanks to the success of the product, and due to supplier end of life of the sub-parts, we sold everything and Citadelle can't be bought anymore. Sorry.

Goochain Citadelle is a Hardware Wallet that brings Bitcoin technology to the next level. Seamless, the Citadelle is easy to setup and works in pair with a special application tailored for the device. The very reduced form-factor makes it fit in your pocket and follow you wherever you go. The dongle has been designed to be used with a second factor authentication to enhance the security and the transaction experience, for every Bitcoin users. Enjoy an easy to use wallet, without sacrificing security.

Introducing Citadelle Wallet.

Secure bitcoins storage for all.

The Citadelle dongle offers banking grade hardware security. The hardware platform is provided by Ledger. The security is further improved using a second factor authentication from multi-channels. Thanks to multisignature, your funds are protected from private stealing. Citadelle application relies on GreenAddress API. Additionally, you can set up spending limit amount. The private keys which can unlock your fund are really secure, since they never escape from the dongle. With end-to-end encryption, the communication with the Bitcoin network is really secure. Every single transaction is using a unique address with hierarchical deterministic wallet system.

An Enhanced User Experience.

Using Citadelle wallet app, your transactions are fast and the interface is user-friendly. We provide the app wallet for several different platforms, such as Windows, Linux, MacOS or Android. Especially on Windows, we provide direct setup installer to make it work effortless. You just need to remember the PIN access code to control your wallet. Emails alerts can be setup, when receiving fund for example. Then with Goochain search engine, you can watch your balance anywhere, even without the Citadelle dongle.

With a tiny form factor, Citadelle can fit in your pocket on a keyring. Unlike your home keys, your funds are safe and can be recovered. So you can really get Bitcoins in your pocket, without care about security issues.

A Truely Affordable Solution.

Goochain Citadelle is the most affordable hardware wallet of the market. With such a low price, one can now offer high protection for a small amount of Bitcoins. Citadelle is ideal for a gift, to make discover Bitcoin world to your friends, at budget price. With this new hardware wallet, many people can discover the Bitcoin world through an affordable physical item.

Citadelle product is fully Made in France. Price is 12 EUROS Excl. VAT. Only Bitcoins payment accepted. Volume discount is 10 EUROS each unit with quantity 5. OTG option is 2.50 EUROS. Worldwide delivery fees : 2€, 4€ for 5x.

How to use Citadelle?