Goochain is the first and only one search engine for the Bitcoin blockchain.
Brings new unrivalled features in the bitcoin web service space.

Provides links from various inputs: search field can be hash, address, time and/or amount.
Can retrieve transactions from blockchain in a pioneering new way, all in real-time.
Gives basic info and print out links to have further info.

This is not a full info site, but a search engine for the blockchain. It gives links to external sites, then you can find all info on these sites. Info given are basic, but you have further info when following links. External service (links) is selectable.

For all results, a link is provided to get full info.
When the found items are transactions, a list is displayed and can be sorted by date or amount.

To discover all capabilities and full details about this service, read support page,
or see this slide presentation.
-Is it really like Google? If it is free, users are the products, I must be tracked down?
No, this is free because it is ran by enthusiastic people in Bitcoin. Running the service doesn't cost so much money for now.
No identification cookie, no ad, no external and intrusive tracker. The only thing it does is searching your requests and printing out back the result. HTTPS is enabled and default so no info is shared on the Internet and requests are anonymous and private.
If you like the service and/or want to support the service, you can give a tip to this address:

Imagined and Created by @a_ferron
BackEnd Optimizations by @MarsuTwitt